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โ€˜Beโ€™ What You Want to Become

It is so simple. But sometimes the most simple things are hardest to realize. How many times we want to become โ€˜thisโ€™ and โ€˜thatโ€™ and at the end we give up as we donโ€™t see any results right away. Well good thing is that results take time and if we are consistent we will see eventually.


This never disappoints. Whatever you put into yourself – it will come back double. If you eat unhealthy food you will get it back with excess weight. If you are eating healthy you will receive health and wellness. Work hard, stay consistent and be successful. You always have a choice. Read a books. Invest in your skincare. Exercise. Be kind. It will come back to you double.


It is so important how you see yourself. Have a vision. A dream. Work hard for it. Picture yourself in all situations you want to be and always have in your head life you want to live. Write it down. Make a vision board. Anything what can help you to keep your focus on it.


Letโ€™s give example: if you are on position of a assistant manager in one company and want to become a manager, act as you already are. You are a manager, it is all up to you . Go for shopping and get โ€˜thatโ€™ dress which you will wear for your first day as a manager. Look yourself in the mirror and feel the vibe. You already are what you want to become.


After all hard work and dedication, visualization and commitment- ensure you are joyful on your way to everything you want. This will make your life easier as you are doing everything you like and put you on โ€˜high vibrationโ€™ where all your dreams come true.

Never stop dreaming. Never stop having big goals- that is the only way to achieve it.

Love, Zorana X


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