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How Successful People Manage Their Day: 11 Golden Business Tips

Happy Monday guys and I hope you are having having successful beginning of this week . If you are visiting for the first time my blog let me know in the comments below your feedback and connect with me & subscribe ๐Ÿ™‚

Being an owner of a small or a big company, manager in the other or even having your regular job requires dedication and focus in order to get the things done, get promoted or put your company on the next level . 11 golden tips are below inspired by a highly successful people.

1. Time is your most valuable resource: Did you know that we are all having 1140 minutes each and every day ? But we are not using it same way . This is why it actually is from the huge importance to start your day early . This will vary from the job you do however early means at least 30 minutes earlier than you usually wake up. This time will be only for you and you should dedicate it to do something you like to start the day with : jogging , exercising, meditating , journaling…

2. Identify the most important task and do it first: Did you ever hear or say the sentence: โ€œ I will do it tomorrow, now is late . โ€œ This is how we start procrastinating and leaving the important tasks for later or later never comes . Do it first . If it is exercise do it first. If itโ€™s some important call or meeting do it first . You will feel your day will become more productive and you will value your time .

3. Work from your calendar and not a โ€˜to doโ€™ list: Did you know that 41% written things on โ€˜to doโ€™ list actually never gets done ? It is very important to have a book / calendar where you will specify your actions for the day with the exact time and day .

4. To overcome procrastination beat your future self : As every human being you will have those โ€˜badโ€™ days where your โ€˜evilโ€™ self will try to sabotage you from the morning when you want to hit your snooze button or you just not feeling like doing anything planned. This is the sign when you not feeling it – you need to do it. Whatever is is- whatever it takes . Stop excuses today and your future self will thank you tomorrow.

5. There will always be more to do- End your day when you are tired and not when you are done- This is the top advise I had in my notebook while I was managing the team of 30 people. You must always remember that always will be more to do and it is never ending process . To make sure you maximize your next day and in order to have it successful you need to be well rested and prepared. Would you agree?

6. Always carry a notebook: This is so important. You can put your notes from the meetings, wisdoms you hear, journal during the day or just some important notes you hear . You will be surprised how much this will help you to memorize important things and keep track with everything in a day.

7. Control your inbox and social media: Next important rule is exactly that. Nowadays people procrastinate on social medias and scrolling the pages keeps away their attention. Remember to mute your phone when you are on important tasks and limit yourself for example on 30 min using of social media and see how your day changes and suddenly you have more time for other things.

8. Say no to everything that doesnโ€™t support your immediate goals: Just learn to say NO when you feel that way, is that simple. The time you do something you donโ€™t want or if it doesnโ€™t make your soul happy OR make you money indeed you need to say it out loud .

9. Find the time in a day to ease your mind : Yes, 30 min even only 10 but just do it , recharge yourself, get a coffee or fresh air . It will make a difference.

10. Keep learning and studying new things and skills : As you know we should never stop learning and developing. There is many way to do it via online courses, books, podcasts . Just find your favorite way and make it count.

11. Learn how to rest : Now this will sound silly but how many times did you actually wake up tired in the mornings ? How many times did you go late to bed and couldnโ€™t function the next day ? Yes this is all happens when you donโ€™t have formed bed ritual . You must ensure you have the same time to go for a sleep every day and form a habit such as reading 15 minute before bed or having a tea. The following day you will see the difference.

I hope I gave you something new to work on and inspire you to be your better self and maximize each day . We can buy everything but we can never return the time so make the each second count .


  1. Those were very awesome tips!!! Working from a calendar instead of a to-do list was my favorite. It was like a light bulb went off above my head, i always use to-do list and I never get everything done. I’m gonna try your calendar method instead, I have a good feeling about that. Thanks for this beautifully written posts, Love and Peace!!!

  2. Hi it’s a nice post and all the points are great and what attracted me the most is learn to rest. Yes many of us working for long hours don’t realise the fact that we need to rest so that we get recharged.
    It’s so valuable point to be noted.
    Keep going๐Ÿ‘

  3. Hi! I am new to following your blog! I love this post so much! I never would have thought to work from a calendar rather than a to-do list but I am going to try it out! I also agree with always carrying a notebook! Thanks for sharing!

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